Once upon a time in the city of Toronto one small group of people decided to bring some magic in the world. And that’s how the story of Humpty Dumpty Puppet Theatre began.

Established in 2008 the theatre started its fascinating journey with well-known and beloved fairytale "Puss in Boots". Since then over 500 performances have been played not only in Toronto but in Montreal, London and onther cities of Ontario. Our shows are different: there are famous fairytales and not that well known plays, and even puppet concert with all kinds of characters!

Hand made puppets and decor, unique music and scripts, indescribable atmosphere of a live fairytale - you won’t stay remote!
Puppets know the secret of children’s happiness.

Slava Yasau

The Man Who Started It All.

Slava studied the art of puppets at the Belorussian State Academy of Arts. Then, he continued his education in St. Petersburg in Russia.

Being a professional puppeteer for more than 45 years performing in many Europenian countries, he was surprised to find no puppet theatres in Toronto and immediately decided to fix it. So he did!

The founder, art director, leading actor and main inspirer of our theatre!

Egor Yasau

If you ask him personally about his childhood, you will most likely hear: “I wasn’t too good of a student at school and even skipped classes sometimes!” So now you know why he didn’t manage to become a nuclear physicist but is making a brilliant career as the main villain in our theatre.

Speaking seriously now, practically being raised in a puppet theatre, studying classical music in two universities and having more than 20 years of experience in the music industry made Egor not only one of the lead actors of our theatre, but also an outstanding composer who writes music to most of our shows.

Olga Petrashkevich

When you spend your childhood at the backstage of an Opera Theatre and playing lead roles in children’s opera you simply can’t live without theatre anymore.

With professional musical education and over 20 years of artistic experience, Olga absolutely fell in love with puppets. And it’s mutual!

Valentina Srybnik

Dmitry Srybnik

Irina Popova

Yury Teslar

Maksim Yasau

Being born as the third generation of puppeteers he simply had no choice!

The youngest member of the group, the Humpty Dumpty’s voice and the main expert in kids’ opinion.

Our incredible artists, who create the puppets and decorations – Ekaterina Maryevich, Lidia Chalyk and Marina Michalkevych.

Our technical mastermind – Oleg Maryevich.

Web, print, lighting designer and sound engineer – Ilia Yasau.